essentialforlivingEssential for Living was designed for children and adults of all ages with moderate-to-severe disabilities and limited skill repertoires, and especially young children with Down Syndrome, Angelmann Syndrome, Microcephaly, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, Hunter Syndrome, and other congenital disorders that consistently result in moderate-to-severe disabilities children who are struggling to become vocal, non-verbal children or adults who have no effective method of speaking, children or adults with severe forms of disruptive, aggressive, or self-injurious behavior, children with autism or related disorders, who, after 2-3 years of intensive, behavioral intervention, have not acquired matching or imitation skills, are not answering simple questions, are not beginning to exhibit novel responses, and are no longer making progress on a developmental curriculum, such as the VB-MAPP or the Early Start Denver Model, children or adults who require extensive supports or 1:1 supervision, or children or adults who cannot be instructed or integrated with peers or taken into the community without severe problem behavior

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