Our Mission At All About Behavior Hawaii

Imagine being trapped in a world you don’t understand and that others cannot understand you either. This is how 1 in 88 children in America affected by autism feel today. Autism is a neurological disorder that results in a disruption of typical development that causes children to fall further and further behind their peers as they grow older. Autism impairs language, social skills, adaptive skills, cognitive functioning and basic learning.

Children with autism do not learn the same way typical children learn. They need specialized treatment to learn how to communicate with others , to learn academic skills and basic living skills.

Researchers and educators agree that professionals need to work quickly and effectively in order to narrow the gap between children with autism and developmental disabilities and typical children and to keep such gap as small as possible because it will only get harder as they get older.

One of the most effective and proven interventions used with persons with developmental disabilities is the use of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA. Behavior Analysis principles, concepts and techniques have had incredible impact in teaching children who have difficulty learning skills.

Many people think of a young child sitting at a table with a one-on-one teacher when they think of ABA. However, ABA techniques not only apply to young children learning skills taught at a table but it applies to persons of all ages and to all aspects of their lives. You can use ABA principles and concepts to teach someone while out in the community, and during social situations. Every person with autism and developmental disabilities has the right to the most effective behavioral treatment. At All About Behavior we have a dedicated team of professionals whose primary goal is to teach every person with disabilities so that s/he can achieve their own maximum potential.

At All About Behavior, when teaching your child, we always have in mind the idea of ” where is this skill going to take my learner?”. Our goal is to assist the children and young adults we service to participate in their community as functionally as possible. ABA is not used to teach skills a person can only perform to his/her teacher, but that such skills can open the doors to social relations among those in the person’s environment and community.

It is also our goal at All About Behavior to take what we know about Behavior Analysis treatment and extend it as well as promote it until every child with autism and other developmental disabilities who need it will receive effective behavioral treatment.

By relying on the principles and concepts of Behavior Analysis, ensuring our staff is highly trained and equipped to teach the children and by gathering and analyzing data on a schedule that allows for informed decisions to be made, we believe that at All About Behavior we can make a difference in the lives of those with autism and other developmental disabilities.