Our Services

At All About Behavior, your child will receive one-on-one ABA Therapy instruction from behavior technicians, which includes weekly supervision from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). During ABA therapy, your child’s behavioral, language and social skills needs will be addressed in the Natural Environment (NET) as well as during Intensive Teaching Trials (ITT).

All our families also have the opportunity to receive parent training to maximize the effectiveness of the services your child is receiving.


An Evaluation is a three to ten day behavior, language assessment, social skills, academic skills and self-help skills. Evaluation Services typically include the following components:

  • 3-10 day assessments which include FBA and language evaluations using the VB-MAPP by Dr. Mark Sundberg and/or the ABLLS by Dr. Mark Sundberg and Dr. Partington. Other assessment instruments may be used to fully assess the child’s social and language skills.
  • School observations and observations of the child in other community settings may be necessary to allow for a complete evaluation of the child’s skills.
  • A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is conducted to develop a behavior treatment plan. This plan will guide families and schools on how to prevent problem behaviors from occurring, what to do when they do occur and what to teach your children to do instead of the problem behavior.
  • Extensive individualized reports follow each full assessment.


ABA Program
( ABA therapy delivered at the child’s home on the island of Oahu, at our office location in Kaneohe or in the community)

Therapy is conducted at the child’s home, at our office in Kaneohe or in the community. A full evaluation on behavior, language, social skills, self -help skills and academics is conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The assessment will generate the child’s individual treatment plan (ITP) with specific, measurable goals and objectives.

Our staff utilize the VB-MAPP by Dr. Mark Sundberg, and the ABLLS by Dr. Mark Sundberg and Dr. Partington to assess the child across domains. The VB-MAPP includes a language assessment, barriers assessment and transition assessment to guide our teaching.

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) will also be conducted to develop a behavior plan.

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst ( BCBA) will supervise the delivery of ABA services on a weekly basis. One or more of our highly trained behavior technicians will be placed with the child and will implement the treatment plan developed by the BCBA.

The frequency of ABA services will depend on the need of each child (it could vary between 10 to 30 hours per week).

Parent Training

Parents will be provided with training to ensure programs and strategies are being implemented consistently across parents and therapists.

 Our services help with the following diagnosis (from 18 months to adulthood):

· Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) (ADHD)
· Angelman’s Syndrome
· Asperger’s

· Autism
· Developmental Delays
· Genetic Disorders/ Syndromes (Down’s, William’s, Rett’s, Cornelia De Lange, Klinefelter, Prader Willi)
· High Functioning Autism
· Intellectual Disabilities
· Nonverbal Learning Disability
· Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Give us a call at 808-741-2232 to develop a plan that works best for your family.